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Our Teachers

Je-an Salas Leavens

Studio Director & Owner
PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher, AiM™ Practitioner, 
Fletcher Pilates® Professional Teacher, Fascial Fitness™ Trainer, Neuro-Movement Practitioner

Je-an guides you through movement so your body can experience efficient and fluid motion, where you can then develop more strength, power, flexibility and raise your fitness level. She creates personalized programs for you to experience freedom of motion, an environment to improve alignment and overall health. 

She was a professional ballet dancer for 20 years and a soloist with the National Ballet of Canada. She practiced Pilates to reinforce her skills in ballet. She was inspired to complete the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program and became a Professional Fletcher Pilates® Teacher. She is a PMA® - Certified Pilates Teacher, the Resident Pilates Teacher of the National Ballet of Canada and owner of Articulate Bodies.

Je-an is an Anatomy in Motion™ practitioner, using Gary Ward’s philosophy of Finding Centre and using the Flow Motion Model™ as the tool to assess the body. She also uses Active Fascial Release technique from her studies with James Earls and Touch Cuing techniques and Spatial Medicine principles as instructed by Thomas Myers of Anatomy Trains®. She integrates Quantum-Touch® and Quantum Medicine™, a method of natural healing, as well as Fascial Fitness® as taught by Dr. Robert Schleip and Divo Mueller. To seal the changes and new movement patterns, she applies Neuro-Movement drills from Trent McEntire to encourage neuroplasticity for learning and maintaining efficient movement patterns.

Je-an is passionate about encouraging transformation from the inside out, improving the quality of her clients movement experiences and enhancing their physical performance.


Rie Ishizuka

Fletcher Pilates® Licensed Provider

Rie Ishizuka is a professional flamenco dancer, flamenco teacher and Fletcher Pilates® Licensed Provider teacher. Rie discovered Pilates after she suffered a knee injury early in her flamenco dancing career. While using Pilates to help with her knee recovery she found Fletcher Pilates.

She is fascinated by its dynamic methods and beautiful movements that literally change and strengthen our bodies. Rie is undertaking the Articulate Bodies Movement Methodology Training with Je-an and is excited about sharing her new passion with the clients at Articulate Bodies.

Shelagh Baker

Fletcher Pilates® Professional Teacher, B.Sc.P.T., Reg. Physiotherapist

Over the years my focus as a Physiotherapist has shifted away from manual therapy towards promoting better function and self-management skills through education, awareness and improved movement strategies. I have worked with clients individually and in group classes in Australia and Canada to assess their current status and develop individualized programs to help them reach their goals.

I was first introduced to Fletcher Pilates ® by Je-an and was excited by the changes that I experienced in my own body and by the improvements reported by my clients when this knowledge was shared. The Fletcher Pilates® approach to movement compliments the physiotherapeutic objectives of optimizing stability, mobility and flexibility for individuals who are recovering from injury or just wanting to improve their posture, function and quality of movement.

Many workshops and classes with Je-an led to my qualification as a Licensed Provider for Fletcher Pilates ® Towelwork®, Floorwork® and Barrework™ in 2012 and to completing the Fletcher Pilates ® Comprehensive Program in 2014.

I look forward to sharing my Fletcher Pilates® and Physiotherapy skills with clients as part of the Articulate Bodies team.

Tomoe Yamasaki

Fletcher Pilates® Professional Teacher

Tomoe Yamasaki began her Fletcher Pilates® studies with Je-an Salas Leavens in 2007 while continuing to perform and teach classical ballet both in Toronto and in her native Japan.

Through diligent studies, Tomoe has become a Fletcher Pilates® Licensed Provider of Fletcher Towelwork®, Floorwork®, and Barrework™ in 2009 and completed her Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program to become a Fletcher Pilates® Qualified Teacher in 2013. Tomoe acquired her Fletcher Pilates® Professional Teacher diploma in 2014. She looks forward to help you along your journey to a healthier and more articulate you.

Gillian Garneau

Fletcher Pilates® Professional Teacher

Gillian studied dance from a young age, and performed with small contemporary companies in Toronto. She began her study and practice of Fletcher Pilates® with Je-an Salas Leavens in 2009. Gillian completed the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program in June 2013, and became a Fletcher Pilates® Qualified Teacher. She completed the professional program in May 2015. Gillian is eager to share the benefits & discipline of Fletcher Pilates® with both experienced practitioners and new students to movement based exercise.

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