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Articulate Bodies is offering workshops for everyone curious about movement.

Pilates Teachers, Yoga Instructors, Movement Therapists, Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors and dance teachers are also invited. 


October 21: Move for a Cause - Shoulder Mobility and Pink Towel Workshop. (Tuition from this workshop will all be donated to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada)

Sunday 10:30am-12:30pm

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November 18: Spine and Hip Mobility Workshop. 

Learn about the bones of the spine and hip joint. Experience how they move in 3 dimension and bring home a movement sequence that you can do daily.

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December 22: Pilates Movement Circuit Challenge.

Pilates circuit is an interval training which involves cardiovascular training. This consists of movements on the Reformer and Wunda Chair equipments and the skipping rope. We will start with some mobility work to prepare your body for the workout. Learn movement patterns on the Reformer and Wunda Chair which you will be performing between skipping intervals. We will finish the workshop experience with some fascial stretches, fascial rolling to rehydrate the tissues and calm breathing to conclude the workshop. Happy Christmas!

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January: Foot and Ankle Mobility Workshop.

From 1 inch heels to stiletto heels. It’s a love hate relationship for women who wears them. This workshop will give you the tools to take care of your feet from self foot mobilization to fascial rolling. Recognizing that one foot has 26 bones and 33 joints, learn movements that will move those joints and get them ready for that next event when your feet enters those gorgeous 👠👠.

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February: TBD, Presented by: Kate Smart, Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine


March: TBD


April: TBD


May: TBD


June: TBD 



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