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SOLO Prelude Program

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Each Prelude Program class is limited to 1 participant

We offer a safe, precise, and challenging environment where you can expect personal attention to your wellness goals and a high level of movement practice you can use in your daily life. Pilates will engage your mind while increasing your flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. Your first class will introduce you to the fundamental Pilates movements and the equipment in our studio.

Solo Prelude Program

The Solo Prelude Program is a special offer to work on techniques with your own private Pilates Teacher. We will help you identify the areas to work on so you build strength, tone, and flexibility. The Prelude Program is an introductory one time offer to new clients and will teach you how to properly use the Pilates equipment in the studio. This program of 3 classes of private instruction also fulfills the prerequisite for taking any of the Form, Precision, and Endurance equipment classes. The Prelude Program Class size is limited to 1 participant.

  • Create your account
  • Please complete your health profile and digitally sign our electronic waiver
  • Select the time and day of your availability in our schedule
  • Book your class
  • Please wear comfortable form fitting clothing that allows you to move easily
  • Shoes are not to be worn in the studio. Socks, toesox, or bare feet are acceptable.
  • Change rooms are available
  • Mats are available at the studio
  • Please arrive at the studio at least 10 minutes before your class
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