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“I love love love this place! If you are even slightly interested in physical wellness, I highly recommend you to check out this exquisite studio. As a professional pianist with over 30 years of experience, I have had my share of injuries and physical problems including Ankylosing Spondylitis. Fletcher pilates pays so much attention to precision of movements that it not only helped with mobility/flexibility, posture and strengths (which in turn helped with managing back episodes), it also helped with piano playing because I now have a greater awareness of my body and movements. All the instructors are very knowledgeable and the small size classes are just awesome. I've never experienced this level of thorough instruction and care anywhere else. I've attending classes since February 2015 and for me, It's one of the best investments I've made for myself.”

Bon Yon Koh


“Working with Je-an has helped keep my dancing injury free while increasing my strength, stamina, and flexibility. Her unique understanding and knowledge of the body combined with her expertise and experience working with dancers at the highest level make her an exceptional teacher. I highly recommend Je-an to anyone looking for the best for their body.”

Greta Hodgkinson

Principal Dancer, National Ballet of Canada

“I have been working with Je-an doing Fletcher Pilates® for almost 2 years. Her extensive experience as a dancer gives her a real advantage in teaching and motivating the people who work with her. She is patient, sensitive, highly knowledgable and articulate. For anyone who is serious about improving their physical condition and wants to work with someone who really knows their stuff, I would highly recommend training with Je-an Salas Leavens”

Karen Kain, C.C, LL.D, O.Ont

Artistic Director, National Ballet of Canada

“The best Pilates studio in Toronto! The instructors are nurturing, patient and have a strong understanding for movement. With small class sizes, the instructors provide personalized training, modifying exercises to accommodate each person's concerns. I am a big fan of the Fletcher Pilates training method - learning how to breathe properly has been vital to improving my physical and mental health.”

Giovanna Pellecchia

Hospital for Sick Children

“Je-an is an extraordinary teacher. She is gifted with great patience and is a skilled and positive motivator.”

Julia Drake

Director of Communications National Ballet of Canada

“Je-an puts her whole energy into what she does. Before it was ballet and now it is Pilates. She also brings compassion to every situation, along with a clear understanding of what is needed in each case. Pilates with integrity!”

Kenn Maly

Sessional Lecturer, University of Toronto

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